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Social Media

OpenGameArt is now on several social media sites:

If you're on any of these sites, you can follow us there for updates. :)

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LPC Art contest results to be announced on September 28th

All of the art results are in, and we'll be counting them and announcing the winners of the art contest on the 28th of this month. :)


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Judging Update Sep. 12

Getting a group of volunteer judges to go through a hundred entries is like herding cats.   As such, I'm not going to be estimating a finishing date any longer, as at this point my guess is as good as anyone else's.  Our progress is as follows:

Art judging is 75% done.  The 4th judge out of 4 believes he will have the art entries judged by the end of next week.  Art results will be posted when they are judged.

Code judging is 15% done.

We apologize for the delay; this has turned out to be a lot more complicated than we had originally thought.

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Judging update

Just a brief update -- getting the judging going has been taking longer than we expected, so it's possible that judging may go a week or two into September.  We apologize for the delay.

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Code Entries are Posted!

The Liberated Pixel Cup code entries have been posted!

Note that due to the larget volume of entries (48 code entries alone, plus a large number of art entries), judging may take longer than we had originally thought.  Our current time frame for judging is the end of August.  We'll keep people posted on our progress.

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24 hour grace period for code entries

Just a brief accouncement:

To avoid any confusion with respect to timezones, there will be a 24 hour grace period for code submissions.  That is, we will accept code submissions until 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time on August 1st, 2012.  Please note that absolutely no submissions will be accepted after this time.

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Code submission form is live!

The submission form for the code portion of the contest is now available at this link:

Just a reminder, please read the rules and the licensing instructions before submitting your entry.

Best of luck to all the contestants!

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The code contest begins today!

Just a (very) brief announcement:  The art portion of the contest is concluded and the code portion has begun.  The code submission form will be up within a day or two.

I apologize for my lateness with posting this message; most of my city is without power and we've got more storms coming through.  LPC is still on.

Note that at this time we have a total of 48 art entries.  I'll try to have someone post links to them ASAP.  Please follow the LPC forum for updates.

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Liberated Pixel Cup art contest launches

We're happy to announce that today the first day of the Liberated Pixel Cup art competition.  At this point we now welcome artists to begin working on artwork for the art competition of the Liberated Pixel Cup!  Zombies, potions, spaceships, werewolves, whatever!  We're looking forward to seeing what contributions you can build to match the style guide.

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New Tutorials Section

We've just added an oft-requested Featured Tutorials Section to the Browse menu, which will hopefully some day be a huge repository of helpful information.  At the moment, we have three excellent tutorials there already, which I recommend checking out. :)

People wanting to submit new tutorials should post them in the Tutorials section of the forum.  Tutorials that are unique, high in quality, and well edited will be moved to the Featured section.