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Let the games begin!

I've been working on setting up the beginnings of gamifiction (that is, fake internet points) here on OGA.  If you look at the right side of the menu bar, you'll see a "Leaderboards" entry, where you can take a look at psoples' point totals.

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Personal download tracking

So I'd like to announce another feature.  Hot on the heels of being able to create a credits file from a collection, we now have a "My Downloads" collection that automatically keeps track of all of the items you've downloaded.  The collection is truly private to your account, so no one else can view it (as opposed to "unlisted" collections, which are viewable by other people).

To find it, go to your user account page (click on your username in the upper right), and click on the My Downloads tab.

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Automatic credits file generation!

We now have an easy way of generating credits files for your game project. 

If you're using a piece of art in your project, create a collection (Collect -> New Collection on the main menu) and when you download a piece of art to use in your project, be sure to add it to that collection that you just created (you can do that from the left sidebar of any art page).

At the bottom of every collection there is a "Download Credits File" link, which you can click on to download a text file with the credit information for all of the art files in the collection.

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OGA month in review: March 2014

Particularly since we started doing funding on Patreon, I thought it might be a good idea to take look at what all I've been doing in the past month now that, thanks to your generous contributions, I've had some real time to work on the site. :)

Here's what we've done so far:

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Improvements to collections

We made some improvements to art collections today.

Until now, there's been no way to distinguish between a personal collection (like "art for my game") or a public collection (like "3D models of cars").  From here on, when you make a collection, you can choose whether to make that collection public or unlisted.  Note that unlisted collections are not private.  It's still possible for people to see them; they just don't show up on the main collections list.

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Download counters are back.

I just wrote some custom download counter code, and it appears to be working fine.  I've imported all of the data from the old counter into the new one (although I can't guarantee perfect accuracy of the old data, which was broken anyway).

The new counter uses javascript and ajax, which has the advantage of not requiring messy links (no more "/.../pubdlcnt.php" junk), but on the downside, it won't work on the off chance that someone isn't running JavaScript.

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Announcing the Procedural Death Jam

Hey folks!

I'm happy to announce a collaborative effort between Lars Doucet (of Level Up Labs) and myself: the Procedural Death Jam!

From the description:

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Improvements to content curation

Edit: Now that we're over the $500 mark, this is our current goal.

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Patreon links for artists

Hey artists,

If you have a Patreon account, you can now enter the link to your creator page in your user profile.  A "Support [your name] on Patreon" button will appear on your user profile as well as all of your art submissions that you authored.



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Support on Patreon!

Greetings, folks!