Personal download tracking

Personal download tracking

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So I'd like to announce another feature.  Hot on the heels of being able to create a credits file from a collection, we now have a "My Downloads" collection that automatically keeps track of all of the items you've downloaded.  The collection is truly private to your account, so no one else can view it (as opposed to "unlisted" collections, which are viewable by other people).

To find it, go to your user account page (click on your username in the upper right), and click on the My Downloads tab.

Note that, just like with any other collection, you can download an automatically generated credits file.

Finally, it's likely that some of these collections will eventually get very large.  If this ends up causing a performance problem, I may have to limit them to, say, the last 50 downloaded items, but for now we'll wait and see.

Suggestions and comments are welcome, as always.



P.S.  We're saving this information for your convenience, but you can turn it off from the My Downloads Tab or your user profile form.