[Locked] [admin edit] Multiple small submissions of art content

[Locked] [admin edit] Multiple small submissions of art content

Maybe i am the only one, but I am tired of people posting a bunch of useless crap to this site. Developers come here to have usefull placeholders for their game. That is the soul purpose of this site. A archive of multiple art assets for developers to use. Instead we have what seems to be youngsters that post what seems to be 5 second art on the page.

Take this for instance: http://opengameart.org/content/coin-32x32-animated-spritesheet

open ms paint, circle tool > fill > save.

How does this contribute?

On top of this he sets it at cc0 but says "At least put it in any place, any way you prefer "Art by MrMadBr@gmail.com" Or...if you don´t wanna put my credits, send me a link to your project."

every 32x32 piece of art he posts, he puts a tag like thi, "Like all my Sprites...simple, but great. :)
Cause is FREE. I don´t wanna money, I do it as hobby,
so put it in your head...I´m Not Your Slave! hehe"

This website is not here as a popularity contest, this is not a C&C site, this is a art archive, and flooding the server with this space wasting crap serves no purpose.

He could atleast have the decency to put all of his art assets into one post, but nope, he spreads it all out covering the front page of the site with his work. It gives a bad impression for 1st comers of the site looking for something useful for their projects.