Retro style artist needed

Retro style artist needed

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Hello, I'm Jared Gristina coder and manager of the Grim Quest project.

It's the first ever sierra style point and click mmo!

It's been my dream all my life and after over 15 years of research and working towards the project we finally have a BETA version!

You can find it at


When the project first started I could not find an artist besides myself and I'm a professional 3D graphics designer, Not a pixel artist so I used various methods of pixelizing my 3D art to make it look like sierra style graphics, However as time went on we found a great pixel artist!


But his art style is far from mine so I've been working on converting my 3D art into pixel art. I've put a lot of time and hard work into it but I just really dont have that PRO pixel artist's eye like he does and I feel almost as if my pixel art is just an insult to his beautiful work.


I've converted a few images as you can see the before and after's here:

This is the before image...

This is the after image....

This image may be ok to keep with a little polishing.

I think I got the mountains,the roof of the house and the grass correct because he told me how to do it, but the rest of it is just not close enough to his palette's...


Here are a few of his images to shine some light on the subject.




As you can see in the style were trying to avoid any antialiasing at all and going for the 80's retro sierra style.

I'm desperate to find an artist who can help me paint over the other 20+ 3D images so we can hold onto our game immersion and I'm tired of feeling like I'm insulting this wonderful artist with my horrible attempts at pixel art.

The project doesn't currently pay but Were going to be trying to launch a kickstarter next month and if it succeeds we will pay our artists very handsomly.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you all have a very blessed evening.

Sincerely, Jared Paul Gristina