Automatic credits file generation!

Automatic credits file generation!

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We now have an easy way of generating credits files for your game project. 

If you're using a piece of art in your project, create a collection (Collect -> New Collection on the main menu) and when you download a piece of art to use in your project, be sure to add it to that collection that you just created (you can do that from the left sidebar of any art page).

At the bottom of every collection there is a "Download Credits File" link, which you can click on to download a text file with the credit information for all of the art files in the collection.

Please note that these credits files are automatically generated, and we can't guarantee 100% accuracy.  That is, ultimately it's your responsibility to make sure you credit art authors correctly; we'll do our best to make that as easy as possible, but we can't be held liable if the credits are wrong in some way.

Important note to Artists

We are deprecating the "Attribution Instructions" field (which was somewhat ambiguous) in favor of a "Copyright/Attribution Notice" field, the difference being that the new field is intended to contain a verbatim copyright notice that people using your art should copy and paste into their credits (which, in retrospect, is how we should have done it in the first place).  If you feel like it, you can convert the old attribution instructions in your art submissions to attribution notices.  (Note that you're free not to fill in the attribution notice  field at all, and the person using the art must still credit you by name if the license requires it.)


Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always.