JaidynReiman's LPC Assets - Help/Suggestions

JaidynReiman's LPC Assets - Help/Suggestions

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Hello everyone at OGA,

I've been around for a little bit, found LPC and OGA about mid-last year and love all the resources available. While I'm still working on trying to get my game started, I'm also trying to work on some new sprites to go with my characters I've already created. I'm hoping to use as many existing hairstyles as possible, and recently I've helped out Joe White a bit in touching up the existing LPC hairstyles (there's still a couple of minor issues in the automation script that he's still working on).


So, first of all, I wanted to share some new hairstyles I'm currently working on. Unlike the "Shoulder" hairstyles I did before (http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-curly-hair-elven-ears-white-cape-with...), where I created them by combining existing hairstyles together, these ones are mostly from scratch.

I'm going to share what I'm working on, and it'd be helpful to have some feedback; I'm more of a programmer than an artist, and I'm not amazing with spriting either. Spriting is probably the best form of art I can do, though, but I can always use feedback.

I'd additionally like to know about proper names for the hairstyles; I'm trying to figure out good names but its difficult!


Any comments or suggestions on how to improve these hairstyles are appreciated! Also, feel free to offer suggestions for additional hairstyles, but PLEASE post a link to the style you'd like to see. I cannot guarantee I'll be able to get to it, as I only really have time on weekends right now to do anything.

I do not take commissions as I'm really just an amateur spriter. If you think my stuff is good enough for commissions, I'd be willing to consider it, but I cannot guarantee I'll be able to get it done in a decent amount of time. For these hairstyles, so far I've found them to take about 2-3 hours. As these are only about 6 full frames, that's definitely not as fast as a more professional spriter can do.

Also note: the layout I'm using is based on Joe White's script, where individual 128x128 images are parsed and positioned onto the full character spritesheets automatically via a script. I just took the eight unique hair animation sprites (four directions and falling sprites) and put them into one image so I could show them off easier. The fact them I'm using the female body sprites means nothing, either; its just so I could show how they look on a body.



I was really just going for a curly hairstyle like this: http://sta.sh/01pza7cfjzn7

It did not turn out the way I had in mind, but I liked how the front pose looked so I decided to finish it. The hairstyle is really intended to be made so I could create a sprite avatar for myself... when my hair grows out it gets really messy as I've got naturally curly hair. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but I think it turned out well.

I was originally going to call it "Shortfro" and create a separate "Jewfro," until looking it over and this did in fact look like a Jewfro example (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewfro#Similar_styles_internationally). I actually hate afros (I think they look ridiculous), but I didn't realize that these shorter afro styles were considered afros, and I don't mind these so much. I don't plan to create a more traditional afro, but if requested I can probably do it. The "afro" design is suprisingly easy.

"Jewfro" Hairstyle



This one is still a work-in-progress. Its based on my character, Relm Kisaragi's hairstyle she gets later on. The "Shoulder" hair I linked above? That's Relm's hairstyle at the start of my series, but later she styles her hair this way: http://jaidynreiman.deviantart.com/art/Relm-197635922 (artwork was commissioned by me).

What I planned to do at first is a basic topknot, then create several variations from the topnot; my plan was for a topknot without a ponytail, then have a short, long, and extra long ponytail, perhaps even some with the bangs not pulled up, and others with the bangs pulled up (such as in Relm's hairstyle). The basic Topknot I plan to be something like this in the end: http://manouvellemode.com/2013/03/22/messy-top-knot-for-short-hair/

Unfortunately I'm having some trouble with the shading. The "pull" effect from the hair being pulled up is just not sitting well with me. The front looks decent, but not great. The back I'm having even more troubles figuring it out (I didn't add the back because it looks so bad, I'm going to try and work on fixing it myself).

Other than two strands of the bangs all the hair is pulled up. Although it doesn't look like it, this started off as "bunches" without the pigtails.

Here's what I've got so far:

"Topknot" Hairstyle



Future Plans/Ideas:

I plan to do a new hairstyle for all my characters that would not fit into the existing hairstyles. I don't have a list of all of them yet though I've created Gaia Online Dream Avatar sprites for basically every character and eventually I'll get them all with full concept arts.


I also want to do this "curly" style that I failed to do before:



Feel free to suggest additional ideas but I can't guarantee I'll get to them!

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