Bright, fantasy-themed palette

Bright, fantasy-themed palette

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Just for kicks, I put this 32 color palette together.  I don't recommend using it at the moment, as it's subject to change, but the general look of the palette that I'm going for is the Chrono Trigger overworld and Secret of Mana.

I know some people have pointed out that the Dawnbringer and Arne palettes are both kind of geared toward this sort of game, but I find that the lack of a really vivid red and green color prevents them from having the effect I'm looking for.  In a sense, I'm giving up a bit of versatility in the form of muted colors in order to be able to better express bright, saturated ones.

I considered some specific gradients when I made this palette:

  • A light blue gradient for sky colors.
  • A dark blue gradient for the ocean.
  • A light yellow-green to dark blue-green gradient for foliage.
  • A beige to brown graident for earth colors and skin tones.
  • Red, yellow, and purple gradients for accents such as flowers, etc.
  • A greyish gradient.

This palette deliberately avoids:

  • Muted colors in middle luminosities.
  • Greenish-brown colors that are common in more realistic games (that's for another palette).

One thing I noticed about it is that I have an an off-white color in there that's close enough to white that I could elimitate it pretty easily, which would free up an extra color to shore up any other weaknesses.  I'm thinking about maybe a rust color.  Thoughts?


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