Preferred Composer Software

Preferred Composer Software

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The audio forum topics seem to be mainly advertising space for composers. I'm not a composer but I've seen a lot of music and composer people on OGA. I'm curious what software people use for composing. I've seen a few free ones, a few paid ones, and a few solutions made by programmers for specific purposes. These are two examples of paid software that look pretty awesome:

I'm interested in finding/making music for a game that's been slowly coming together for almost a year. It's an RPG and will likely become a short series due to overflow of story content.

I have an idea to hire a composer but I'm wondering about payment; is a set of paid composer software + some cash a better deal than just cash for some people? I used pirated software for a long time because I didn't have money. I don't do that anymore because I prefer to pay for software but it still happens for other people.

Please also share the reason you use/prefer one software over another. If I do end up hiring someone and they want to know what software/how it works please keep this in mind - I'll pay more if it's software + cash than cash alone (if you really want the software I'll get you something good, we can discuss it).

Please give me your thoughts.