isometric Tululoo demonstration

isometric Tululoo demonstration

Project: Put together an isometric example in Tululoo (HTML5/Canvas).

This is a playable game - but without any polish - e.g alerts() for intro+Credits, and Win/Loss message.

I provide all source here:


I do plan on using this to put together a proper game (in fact a series of short games).

You can play it here:

I really need to introduce a Texture Atlas to load the images (the one major thing missing from Tululoo that I can't easily fix by creating an extension) as this would dramatically increase the load times. (since it is currently loading 300+ tiny sprite images from the server. i.e 300+ server requests. :(

But I am not going to do that as a part of the isometric demo (might be one of the things I work on soon though).


If anyone is interested - I also replaced my website with a HTML5/Canvas website - just for a bit of fun - and to help learn.

I will replace it again when I have enough to put a showcase together:


- dynamically changes viewport depending on resolution.

- has been made into an Android App.

- uses Node.js and for the Contact Us section.

- and some other cool stuff.

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