Ancient Beast - Browser based TBS, HoMM3 style

Ancient Beast - Browser based TBS, HoMM3 style

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My game project is a browser based PvP TBS, somewhat similar with Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (combat only). Free Open Source of course :-)


Check out the website

 0.1 patched, 1vs1 - Dark Forest

I could use help with the following:


- more items : 128x128, png with alpha (no background), 72DPI should do; you can come up with all sorts of items and even suggest name and stats for them (stats are explained on the homepage), anyway, the artwork is the important part


- 2d artists to color linearts of creatures and come up with simplistic backgrounds for them (I'll post some linearts around pretty soon) or redraw already existing creatures


- 3d artists to model/sculpt/texture creatures using blender or to help out with creation of new combat locations


- animators to help up rigging and animating various creatures for the game


- php/javascript coders


To get in touch, you can use the

#AncientBeast on Freenode


Let's make this project awesome!

Oh, btw, donations are really helpful since I work fulltime on this project and don't have any other income atm (paypal/flattr/bitcoin buttons on the homepage), also, more fans/followers always nice :-)

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