All about medals!

All about medals!

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So people have been asking me what all is required to earn particularl medals.  Here's what you need to do if you want to earn them.  I'm open to suggestions for more.

Contibutor medals (2D, 3D, and Audio):

You need one contribution for bronze, 15 for silver, and 50 for gold.

Art Aficionado medals:

5 favorites for bronze, 40 for silver, and 150 for gold.

Talkative medals:

10 comments for bronze, 200 for silver, and 500 for gold.

Contest participant:

Participate in an OGA contest.

Contest winner:

Win an OGA contest.

Contest judge:

Be a guest judge in an OGA contest.

OGA Donor:

Donate to OGA.

Site Administrator:

Become an OGA site admin.

Site Founder:

Found ;)