Painterly Spell Icons part 2

Painterly Spell Icons part 2



This is the second installment of a set of magic icons.

The first installment is here.

The third installment is here.

The fourth installment is here.

Each spell comes in three power levels.  Additionally most spells have several (up to nine) color variations.  The colors were chosen for their distinctness, and to support and wide range of possible classes of magic and or damage types.  For instance the red version of the "enchant weapon" spell could be used to add fire damage to weapons.  Game designers can figure out how to best apply these art assets to their system.



  • Beam of Light:  9 colors
  • Haste:  3 colors
  • Ice Shards: 3 colors
  • Lightning: 9 colors
  • Hurl Rock: 5 colors
  • Entangling Vines:  4 colors



All icons are 256x256, but have been designed to be easily recognizable down to 32x32.


Part 3 is planned to be:


  • Runes
  • Explosion
  • Wind
  • Horror
  • Beast
  • Frames for each color

After part 3 I will be available for commissioning to further extend or expand the set.


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