Dutone tileset objects and character

Dutone tileset objects and character


Here are the character and some objects that belong to my other upload, the Simple duotone tileset.

I decided to concentrate on the red version when i made my prototype game.

Included are a 16x16 tileset and a enlarged 32x32 tileset and the background i used to tile. The running animation i am sure can be somewhat improved.

Try the game to se character animations

I made a small prototype with the graphics, play it here: http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-action-games/12231/you-win-demo

minimalObjects_16x16Tiles.png minimalObjects_16x16Tiles.png 1.9 Kb [1605 download(s)]
minimalObjects_32x32Tiles.png minimalObjects_32x32Tiles.png 2.8 Kb [1971 download(s)]
background.png background.png 2.5 Kb [1571 download(s)]
minimalObjects_preview.png minimalObjects_preview.png 6.3 Kb [1431 download(s)]