Wizard hat

Wizard hat

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I wanted a typical pointed wizard-hat for use with the LPC character bases, but nothing suitable was available (or I couldn't find it), but I found this guy, and he had pretty much the hat I wanted.

So I borrowed his hat, resized it (I know, that's a dodgy thing to do with pixel art) and put it on the LPC bases. Here is the result.

Now, this could certainly use some cleanup (I haven't bothered to touch up the colours and shading to make them more in-line with existing LPC assets), but I thought I'd put this out here for anyone else who might find this useful. I may update it if I get round to touching it up.

For this file I aligned the hat manually on each sprite, but I plan to write a short script/program to automate that similar to what the character generator does for hair pieces. I will probably do that first.

wizard_hat_female.png wizard_hat_female.png 69.3 Kb [668 download(s)]
wizard_hat_male.png wizard_hat_male.png 68.2 Kb [756 download(s)]