Review my art. What do you think?

Review my art. What do you think?

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Hi everyone,

Ill straight jump into the topic. I've attached an Image of a character and I would like if you could give me some comments and review it. I really need some reviews :D


Now a little more details. I want to create a whole bundle of gladiator characters(hero and lots of enemys including 1 boss) + arena + gui. So this is a huge work for me. And in the image you see the main hero ive drawn so far. 


  • I want him look like a warrior. 
  • I want him not to be too heroic like rescuing people, doing good etc. Instead I want him to look even a little bit evil.
  • He should be aggressive and driven by vengeance

One more thing. My basic idea was to start with no items and as you gain more power and rise in levels you can equip new items. Thats the reason he is so "nude" at the moment. Because thats his basic look. But later will have armor everywhere. So thats it! What do you think about my art and also the idea itself I explained a little bit. I know it's nothing new, but will be a great bundle.  Last word: If I'm heading the right direction and I ever finish this MASSIVE WORK I'll give a free copy of it to anyone who commented and is interested. yo ladies(are there any? :D) and gentleman thanks.

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