I've finished Empyrean Campaign - for now

I've finished Empyrean Campaign - for now

I've played from beginning to Dark Oak Farm (about 3 hours) and currently there is no way out - in Nazia Underground there is a switch, that can't be triggered, so I'm assuming that this is the end for now.


I wanted to say - I really appreciate what you guys are doing and keep up that great work. I didn't find any bugs. The only odd thing I've discovered that when I activated only fantasycore and alpha-demo mods, I could create character (male Adventurer), get into the game and because I didn't want to play for now, I've saved and quit to menu, checked characters list (my character didn't have legs - I've uploaded a screenshot showing this) and quit the game. After that I tried to open the game - with no success. Process "flare" has been created, it used one core of my Quad-Core processor and nothing happenned, I couldn't even close that process. The only solution was put out alpha-demo mod from "mods" folder and launch the game. Putting alpha-demo in "mods" again did the same problem as described.

Besides that, I wanted to share some statistics of my character:

Scout / Paladin, level 10 (permadeath mode on), during 3 hours gameplay I've found one set item (trousers from Seagate's set), completed several sidequests (Family Crypt, Brother, the one with two statues), found Gravebloom and Black Quill.

Most of the time I didn't have any problem with difficulty level - mainly because the game was relatively easy. Problems begun upon entering Nazia Highlands, where spidders were spitting with Ember, goblins were fast and using shields, skeletons bashind with their shields. Enemies are fast, so run-and-gun approach doesn't work as well as it did when fighing with Seagate's Skeleton. At first, skills were preety weak and useless, but later I was constantly using piercing shot and ember shot - latter was doing preety well during most fights.

I can't imagine playing in permadeath mode with melee warrior, cause all those Ice Wyverns, mages and spiders are pretty tough enemies. But I'll try that in some time too.

There are some things I'd like to see in the future - more detailed journal (with completed quests beign written down), some gossip dialogs with NPC's, some lore which could be found anywhere... My main problem with the game for now is that there is no objective, which could be really motivating. For most of the time I didn't think that my main quest will be looking for writing utensils. Despite some side-quests, there is nothing really interesting in Flare's world and exploration isn't all that rewarding (I wished that there would be written anything on some of the gravestones).

Now I've got a question regarding translating - will there be an option to translate books contents? Is font used for them capable of showing characters, which appear in foreign languages as Polish, for example? (ó, ą, ł, ś, ć, ę, ź, ż, ń, ć)


For now I don't have any more questions or suggestions as I know that it's still to early to judge everything and more content will be added in the future. Keep up the great work and I believe that I'll be able to continue my adventure soon.

PS. While playing the game, I was preparing and updating Polish translation for engine's and empyrean_campaign's content on github - it should be available on master branch by now.