Simple Site Improvement - Add More Rows in Latest Art

Simple Site Improvement - Add More Rows in Latest Art

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As I submit new Art and it gets featured in the "Latest Art" field it happens quite fast that my art is no longer featured. 

Imagine this:

One artist submits his art. It gets featured.

Another artist has lots of arts he wants to submit too. So he starts to submit all one by one in the same day. What happens is the art that was put by the first artist is moved out of the Latest Art field. He had no chance to promote his work or make it seen. And I can imagine that he is a little bit annoyed about this.


What I want to say is that more rows in the latest art field (currently 4 ) gives higher chance to be discovered. I think more rows would make a lot of artists here happy because for most of us its the only way to feature our art. Thats why we love opengameart for..


So my suggestion is:

Add more rows, double it, make 8 items visible, make 12 items visible, or make it like a slider so people can see the latest 20 items for example.


Just my thoughts. What do you think about this idea? Do you agree?