Weekly Challenge: Reborn (due Jan. 15th)

Weekly Challenge: Reborn (due Jan. 15th)

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I was tired of people saying we should do it and it not happening. I figure I'll try starting it back up again. If someone official wants to do it, if there are other volunteers, or if the community as a consensus wants to do something specific, I'll gladly step aside temporarily or permanently. In the meantime though I'll try to do thius semi-regularly and see how it goes. I'm planning to contribute something myself as a personal challenge but can't compete if anyone else joins in. We'll get at least one submission out of it anyway.

Date above is not exactly a week from tonight. I figured we'd make sure to end on a Sunday to encourage last minute submissions. I also think strict adherence to the weekly schedule might result in burnout and be counterproductive, so I gave it a little extra. Hey, I'm new to this.

No prizes. The competition badges would have to be given by a moderator if one does it.

Please post submission to regular art page but tag it (at end) Challenge and Reborn. Other tags based upon your submission are encouraged. Once you have a page you can post here if you want to let us know about it. General discussion of the concept goes here too. Talking about challenges in general should still go in the other recent thread.

And I swear I'll eventually talk less....

The title of the recent thread and images of Baby New Year dancing in my head drummed up the first theme...


Make a piece of game artwork (defined any which way you can) that goes along with the theme of babies, newly born creatures (or ideas or objects if you can think of how), reincarnation, putting baby in the corner, a music piece that sounds appropriate (lullaby? childlike anyway), a literal baby with rattle and bottle... or however you interpret the theme. Have it on its own, with accessories, making an attack (?!?!) or what have you. Or think up some game idea and make something that helps it along.

We'll see what happens....