I need help to complete a school project for my son!

I need help to complete a school project for my son!

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So here's the deal, I am trying my hardest to create a VERY BASIC isometric game for a school project for my son. I wanted it to be an extremely simple game which essentially allows a user to stroll through the game grid to meet each of the people (and animals) in our family using simple sprites that would be located in separate rooms and once engaged would tell a small story about who they are. No special effects, no shooting, really nothing others than meeting each sprite and getting the tutorial.

Here's the thing. I cannot spend a dime on this and was attempting to use the free version Gamemaker Studio for Windows 10 to get this done, but I do not have the time to go through all of the learning tutorials to do it myself. 

So far I got through creating the first basic breakout game after spending a week on it.

Can anyone help out with a basic simple layout that I can just customize with different sprites and the tutorials that they would say once they were engaged?

I know this is basically cheating but I promised to help him while he focused on his other grades and I am in WAY over my head to get this done this by the end of this weekend.