Need input from fellow Inkscape artists

Need input from fellow Inkscape artists

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Hi all,

I'm currently animating a 2D character on Inkscape (I find it easier to animate vectors than raster and I prefer using opensource software).

Been doing fine with Inkscape creating graphics for ~3 games already. but this current game I'm working on requires mushing of characters as they get hit and even when running/slowing/jumping. I hope you get the idea.

Anyway, attached is the problem I'm having:  for simplicity's sake, I have in the upper left a circle with shading and an outline of the shape -- my usual approach is to have 3 layers of shapes; 1 for outline, 1 for shape itself, and 1 for shading to be placed under the outline.

My problem is that, I need to animate a lot of different characters, and my current approach is tedious when I need to mush the character, as shown in attached file in the lower left.  Each time I mush the character, I would have to edit at least 3 shapes -- and one character contains a lot of shapes and it's eating too much time.

Can I possibly do it any easier? I'm hoping, by editing 1 shape, everything follows.


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