Tool for Palette Swapping/Changing

Tool for Palette Swapping/Changing

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Got a bunch of sprites I'd like to tinker with palette swapping and was wondering if anyone knew of any good tools for that sort of thing?

In the past, I've just sort of done things by hand in the Gimp with a combination of 'select by color' followed by 'flood fill', but have enough images that I'd kind of like something a bit quicker this time.

The idea is simple, take an image with Palette A and create a new image with Palette A', where there is some way to manually specificy a mapping from each color in Palette A to a color in Palette A'.

Thinking specifically of something that allows you to see and set each color mapping individually, and let's you see an A and B version of the image, so you can easily see the mapping and how it affects the image.

Something like a panel showing:

Color A -> Color A'

Color B -> Color B'

Color C -> Color C'


plus a panel with: Image -> Image'



Did some googling and came up empty.  I don't know if this is something people normally just do within their favorite editor, or if maybe this entire approach is wrong, but I figured I should ask on here before I start down the long and winding path of rolling my own tool for the job.