PAYING WITH % | Low-poly art needed for Android Game.

PAYING WITH % | Low-poly art needed for Android Game.

Hello to you all.

We are looking for artists to make the graphics (graphics include logo, play store or ad specific images, and the game assets of course, anything graphic related to the game.) and UI for the game, the game is almost ready to release a public beta. We need to tell you upfront that we are not paying this work right now. Instead we are offering a percent of the earnings of the game in it's first year in exchange for your work.

We are giving 10% for your work.

The game is an Asteroids-like game. The game will be free and will (hopefully) get some revenue with interstital ads.


  • You need to have genuine interest in the game.
  • You need to have time to deliver the work on 2017-09-14, very very important to launch in that date and have good graphics.
  • The graphics need to be in low-poly art style.

Good info:

  • The game is not using a lot of assets right now, so the work is not too big.
  • The game resolution is set to 960x540px. So all work must be done with those numbers in mind.
  • As you will be receiving a %, you are considered more of a team member than just someone we are paying.
  • All suggestions and good critics are welcome.
  • There are more content and features planned in the future.