[WIP] World One: Randomized RPG about exploration!

[WIP] World One: Randomized RPG about exploration!

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Currently I am working on World One, a randomized RPG about exploration using sound effects and art from OGA.

So far I have been working on it for about a month (I'm still relatively new to Unity) and have created an external map generator, which creates realistic maps in Linux command line. This is yet to be integrated with the game, currently the maps are white noise. with no order or water bodies.

There are several different terrain types (mountain, forest, taiga, etc) along with different cultural village tiles (currently English cottages and Adobe, from the Adobe-2 tileset.)

Eventually there will be enemies, merchants and NPC's for the character to interact with and to spend his/her coins on.

Here is a quick demo with the white noise map system, village tiles (without NPC's), biome based animals (non-interactable), and various camera control functions.

I will soon add art credits (everything, except the music is mine.)