OGA Game Jam #2 Hype

OGA Game Jam #2 Hype

Hey everyone! Saliv here. Sorry I have been mostly inactive for a long time.

Lately, I have been learning to use the Godot game engine (amazing engine, generous license, mediocre documentation) and was getting to the point where I wanted to start doing more ambitious test projects. A few days ago I dropped by here, saw there was going to be a game jam coming up, and figgured you know what? I'm in.


The Rules state that we are allowed to start planning and getting our art assets ready early, just not coding. So I did.

I plan to make a 2d escort space shooter. Were the goal is to help with the evacuation.

I intend to use these assets: https://opengameart.org/content/salivs-oga-jam-2

My tool chain will include the Godot game engine, Blender, Gimp, and Audacity.


Introductions are not required but, they are one of my favorite parts of game jams.


I hope that this inspires others to join in, but either way at least you get a collection that points to some cool contributors out of the deal.