List of improvements and feature requests

List of improvements and feature requests

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Hello there.

I've brainstormed a list of possible improvements for OGA. I grouped them by topics, sorted them by (as i think) importance and gave them numbers, so one could comment on them easier. Note that i don't expect that everything on this list gets implemented. Even though it would be awesome, of course. :)

These are mostly just my personal opinions, so friendly, constructive comments are welcome.


General / Site:

[1] Make emojis possible: At the moment we can't use them anywhere. Not in submissions, not in comments and not in the forum. Everywhere a nasty server error 500 pops up. Some other special characters seem to also lead to that error, see:

[2] Translate the site: Language choosable from the profile edit page. I can help with german.

[3] Markdown formatting instead of HTML for the whole site. Its safer than filtering out bad HTML. Including switching the WYSIWYG-Editor to a Markdown one. See the following thread for more opinions on this:

[4] More AJAX: For example, instead of a separate / edit page for submissions, that page could just get some edit fields, so we dont leave the current page every time and completely load it the page again. The gallery pages would benefit from some nice AJAX, too.

[5] A mobile version of the site for small displays

[6] A font category because "documents" is too generic. Tutorials could get their own category, too.

[7]  Emoji picker for all editors for easy access

[8] An own set of emoji images, so they look the same for everyone and on every device (which is important since not all devices / systems support all). I suggest Twitter's CC BY-SA 4.0 licensed Twemoji:

[9] Additional Mutant Standard emojis ( on top of Twemoji because it goes along with it pretty well and provides important ones not contained in the official unicode standard (yet?) such as additional skin colors and gender neutral jobs and others. It also contains rpg potions, orcs and medieval weapons, which makes it perfect for a gaming centered site like OGA.

[10] A more modern appearance for the site: A possible direction could be:


[11] Preview feature before submitting, just like for comments

[12] A Liberapay field in the user profile and a button displayed in submissions, just like Flattr and Patreon.

[13] Reduce the animation duration when scrolling through submission previews. Also, it seems to use JavaScript instead of CSS as the animations are not cancelable. Very annoying, smells like jQuery.

[14] Default texts and licenses: Being able to save default texts for certain fields like the attribution notice. So we don't have to fill everything out every time we upload something. Also, choosable default licenses which are then checked by default when uploading something.

[15] Deletion of submissions and collections without having to ask admins. ---> Already possible using the "Request deletion" button.

[16] Better audio previews with play, pause and stop buttons, duration display and a clickable bar. Gives better control and makes it easier for people to decide if they like a music track. And don't always download the whole file, only a few seconds after the current position. Saves bandwidth.

[20] Marking submissions as forks / derivates / remixes: Makes it possible to find more stuff in the same style or additions. Think of OpenClipArt where every submission links to their original or remixes on the right. Here, for example:

[28] Possibility to download a submission as an archive if multiple files were uploaded.

[17] Generation of automatic previews of uploaded files (if not inside archive) in addition to the ones uploaded by users. I guess often people then wouldn't need to upload some themselves at all. Makes submitting a bit easier.

[18] Rotatable, zoomable previews of 3D files: Here is a demo using three.js (no zoom though): (

[19] Possibility of audio conversion done by the server: For example, if someone uploads audio files in FLAC (not inside an archive) the server could convert them into other formats and put them into the submission page, so people don't have to do that themselves. Costs CPU, but saves a lot of bandwidth. Alternative: Let users choose the format before downloading.

[29] Display appropriate example tags when submitting, depending on the chosen main category. Helps people find good tags, so their stuff is being found easier.

[20] Mastodon share button: (Mastodon doesn't seem to support that yet, but for the sake of completeness)



[21] Make comments list, followers list, friends list and favorites list of users concealable / hideable

[22] Custom text, so people could say "Hello! If you like my assets, consider supporting me by ..." or whatever

[23] Move the project URL into the left sidebar

[24] Contact information fields for Mastodon and (all that proprietary and unfortunately sometimes necessary rubbish such as) Facebook, Twitter and Skype


Galleries (including those on profiles):

[25] Possibility to add submissions to favorites (star icon) and collections (context menu) right from the gallery page

[26] Choosable amount of displayed submissions per page (24, 48, 96, ...). ---> Already possible. Didn't see it.

[27] Optionally display submissions as a list instead of tiles. When displayed as a list, include their descriptions right of them.