Coming Soon: The Fall All-OGA Game Jam!

Coming Soon: The Fall All-OGA Game Jam!

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Based on discussion and feedback from the wildly successful OpenGameArt Summer 2018 Game Jam, I'm volunteering to host another OGA Game Jam.

Calling this one 'The Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2018'

If I put together an page for it can someone add the top left sidebar and sticky forum links for it on OGA?

Also, does October work as a month for the Jam?

This one will be a slight change from the Summer Game Jams. 

For the Fall All-OGA Game Jam, all art/sounds/etc used in an entry must either be already available on OGA or submitted to OGA within a week of the jam submission deadline (that's a week /after/ the submission deadline).    Well something like that anyway.  I'll try to word it better in the official rules, but the general idea is to use only OGA assets for the games, with the option to create new stuff as needed/desired so long as it's submitted back to OGA under an open license.

Anyone want to volunteer to make a logo/banner for the Jam?