October 2020 Art Challenge - Urban Legends

October 2020 Art Challenge - Urban Legends

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It's time for the October 2020 Art Challenge!


This months's theme is:

Urban Legends

October's Challenge comes from AnthonyMyers who was thinking of the legend of the lady who was eaten by her cats when he suggested this theme all the way back in June of 2018. 


The world is full of 'Urban Legends', tales of questionable veracity handed down from generation to generation and now spread virally on the internet.  Some are scary, some are humurous and some are just plain wierd.  Pick whichever Urban Legend strikes your fancy and make something for OGA out of it.  Of course, you don't have to stop at just one legend, you're welcome to go crazy and mix a bunch of Urban Legends together or create your own new Urban Legend just for this challenge.  If you need more inspiration, try this link from MedicineStorm: https://www.cbr.com/video-game-urban-legends/

The submission with the most favorites by close-of-vote wins!

Challenge and voting starts Thursday October 1, 2020.  
Have all your entries submitted by end of the day on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.
Voting closes one week after that at 11:59 PM Wednesday, October 28th.
That's three weeks to submit and 1 week to vote.

You may start working on a submission as soon as you like. 
There is no rule against starting or even finishing a submission in advance.
Just don't submit anything to OGA until the submission period officially begins.

You can 'favorite' as soon as you see a submission you like, no need to wait for anything.


Be sure to tag your submissions with both a "Challenge" and "Urban Legends" tag.
Also, post a link to your submission in this thread as well.