Jewel Soul - A 2D, 16-bit action-platformer furry game

Jewel Soul - A 2D, 16-bit action-platformer furry game

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Before anything, greetings everyone from and thank you for allowing to participate in your site! It's a big honor to me to finally being able to contribute with something to the site. ^w^

I'm currently working in a side-scroller action-platformer, namely "Jewel Soul" (a provisory name for now).

The game takes inspiration from 16-bit titles like Castlevania, Valis and El Viento (Adventures of Earnest Evans and Anett Myer). It also takes inspiration from games from CD-based consoles from the early 1990's, like the PC Engine CD (a.k.a. Turbografx CD) and the Sega CD, containing cutscenes among other things.

The game is being developed using GDevelop, a free and open-source game engine which is growing steadily and is quite powerful to create 2D games!

For now, I playable prototype for now, you can get it in the link below:

There are versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux (AppImage), along with the source code of the game, which you can open using GDevelop.

Story-wise, I don't have much yet. I was focused in finishing the prototype, and I'm going to work on the lore and the story of the game next. What I may tell for now is it will take place in a Dieselpunk setting and the protagonist, a young reindeer witch, will have to fend herself using her enchanted saber and using magic spells during her journey.

My goal with this game is to realize a childhood dream to make my first game, something I've been trying for several years, but due to problems in real life, among other things, I was unable to make enough progress with any of my previous projects. Aside this, I also wish to contribute with something to the wonderful world of the open-source content, something I have a deep respec and passion for.

I must also apologize if the licenses of this prototype might not be properly open-source. The source code is under a MIT license (meaning any developer who uses the code to program their games are free to use them, regardless if their projects are going to become open-source or closed-source). And except for the sounds and musics (all wonderful material from this site), and the fonts, I'm planning to give the characters, the lore and universe a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA).

I understand these choices are not the best, they're not compatible with the sites like To tell the truth I'm still looking for the most suitable licenses for the game. I simply wish everyone could enjoy the game and feel free to do anything they wish with them.

The prototype might be short and it doesn't have much to offer, but I still hope you all enjoy it. I would also love to hear your opinion about it, I really want to make it as good as possible for everyone. :-)

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