Liberated Palette

Liberated Palette

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For the last few months, I've been working on a large palette for the LPC set. Something that captures the vibrancy of the set and works with the existing color ramps without being overwhelming. At long last-- I've finished it! 128 colors.

The ramps:

Shadows are at 120/255 transparancy, with either true black (#000000) for dark environments like caves, or dark purple (#2a1722) for all other settings. Glass, when transparancy is needed, is a medium gray (#818e97), also at 120/255 transparancy.

Skin color and clothing tests:



And the LPC sample scene, recolored (without transparent shadows):


At the moment, I'm working on getting a branch of the LPC set out in this color palette that's strictly DRM-friendly, using the OGA-By license. It will have a lot less assets than the wider LPC set, but they'll have a more consistent coloration, style and shading. Now that the palette's done, that'll be the next big thing!

And, as always-- LPC character design originally by Redshrike. The king's portrait, the mountainous landscape, and the pale woman's small portrait are by Sharm. The LPC preview scene and assets used to make it are by Sharm. Everything else is my work.