Are there tutorials on how to build RPGs with the Flare engine?

Are there tutorials on how to build RPGs with the Flare engine?

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I am looking for detailed documentation on how to build new levels, add new art, and in general make a new game with the Flare game engine. So far I have found this nearly decade old thread that links to an equally old stagnant wiki made by Clint Bellanger:

I have tried to use RPG Maker MV that was heavily modded to make a somewhat 3D action RPG and the result was this:

I cancelled that game for it was too clunky to develop and it was ultimately far too limiting to keep stacking mods to add new features that are pretty much found in the Flare Engine.

I tried to hire some people to work on improving some various Unity based RPG and third person controller templates and assets. I keep searching for these RPG interested people much like how I am doing here, by going into their respective community forums and asking around. Yet my efforts have been a bit fruitless for I am still searching for people to work with to create a 3D physics based RPG controller template.

It is quite strange for I can find lots of people who are willing to work on a 3D physics based tank game in Unity but not an RPG. Thus I currently can not find anyone talented and willing to work on such an RPG even if they are paid. I am wondering if I should try and learn how to properly use the Flare engine to make a RPG like Diablo, but with my own RPG Setting Universe and do most all of the work myself.

My major concern is the lack of proper documentation to learn how to make and or implement new content such as maps, new character sprites, new items, basically everything for a near complete graphical recreation but with the mechanics still intact running underneath with the Flare engine. I talked with Clint Bellanger back in what feels like eons ago in ancient history although I want to get a fresh take and reevaluate the capabilities of the Flare engine as a possible RPG engine to make a proper RPG worth playing.

The Flare engine has enough features for an RPG to fulfill the depth and mechanical power to drive proper gameplay that I seek. Yet I am hung up on how to even use the engine in the first place? RPG Maker and Unity have at least some levels of ergonomic semi-visual tools to aid in map creation, new skins and visual asset additions and a general framework / template to organize the underlying inner workings of the game engine. Where can a person learn how to properly use the Flare engine to create a new RPG?

I want to make a commercial game to sell on digital game stores like Steam. Thus I do not develop many mods for other RPGs like Baldur's Gate even though I can make high quality new areas, new item art, new characters and nearly everything to make a new expansion. Yet the amount of work and the money spent verses money earned from the work does not make any sense to do in a major investment of time and resources.

Now what I really do not understand is where to learn how to make maps, what tools are used and in what order and how they interact with each other? Who do I talk to who has experience; who could I ask for help? Is there even anyone who is willing to undertake commissions for odds and ends in places that require expertise? Is there anyone who I can talk to who knows how to make new maps, add new art assets, new character sprites, items etc?

Is there a Discord page for the Flare engine? I use Discord quite a lot and so does everyone else I work with. I am found on there almost daily as: Matthew#3194 . I am looking for any kind of help to see how new content is made with the Flare Engine. I am still wondering if it is even a viable idea to pursue such an endeavour to make a new commercial RPG from the Flare engine? Or should just focus my efforts on my 3D physics tank game developed with Unity; then later on when I have more money just straight up hire a team to make a RPG from scratch? I am aware that I need more income to fund more game development (~100K per game at least, up from ~10K).

Also in the past few years I have been actively investing and developing my other businesses. I am starting to become more creative and financially powerful as an individual. I have been for the past year able to financially support active development of my Unity 3D physics based tank game while building two houses while also simultaneously fully purchasing heavy equipment, installing, retooling and expanding my cedar mill and heli-salvage corporation during a pandemic. Also just this first quarter as an individual with my own personal sovereignty I was able to develop heavy industry manufacturing and repair with a steel shop that I built myself. Everything I build is fully paid for and is without any debt. All I need is time and the opportunity to keep working hard. Bit by bit, piece by piece.

I am trying to find a way to develop an RPG worth playing based upon my decades of books of world building, designs and illustrations and to do it right and sell it as a proper honest RPG worth playing. Yet I keep struggling to find talented people to collaborate and work with. I still keep struggling year after year to find game engines powerful, intuitive and commercially viable enough to take bold action with and drive proper development for an RPG worth playing. It feels as if I perhaps need to make a commercially viable game or two worth playing in the 3D physics based Unity tank game department before I can develop a proper RPG. Although maybe the Flare engine can work? Even if so I still need proper documentation and community support to properly pursue such an answer.