Looking for assets for a surrealist deckbuilder

Looking for assets for a surrealist deckbuilder

Hey everyone, I've just created the first playable version of my free-software Spire-like deckbuilder. You can see find a playable version from the previous link.

The game theme is "surrealist dreams" and will deal a lot with physhological concepts such as abuse, narcissism, ptsd etc.

I was looking here for assets to use, but as you might imagine, that specific theme is not very popular, so I came up empty.

I am looking for artists to collaborate with me in the following areas (in order of priority):


  • Icons
  • GUI Elements (The way a card looks among them)
  • Card Illustrations
  • Static Backgrounds
  • Enemy Sprites (animation not mandatory).

I'll explain the first two as they are the ones I'm mostly interested at the moment,


This is to signify enemy intents, or conditions applied. It would have to be 16x16 icons or so. Some samples (and their more plain explanation):

  • Confidence (player defense)
  • Perplexity (enemy defense)
  • Interpretation (player attack)
  • Stress (enemy attack)
  • Confusion (Condition that lowers attack)
  • Doubt (Condition that applies DoT)
  • Fascination (Condition that provides delayed energy for more actions)

As an example, here's the icons used in the OG of the type of game I'm making, Slay the Spire

GUI Elements

I need design elements to make a consistent card look that fits the theme. Likewise I need GUI elements for the rest of the game.


I'm willing to pay for these, but I don't know what I should offer. I'm not rich and this is free software so funds are limited but I'm willing to go out-of-pocket. If you're willing to help for money, please hit me with what you need for it so I can check if I can affort it.


PS: If you know places where I could find existing Icons and GUI elements that might fit my theme, do let me know. I have no real clue where to look. :)