Browser MMORTS (accessible, but under development)

Browser MMORTS (accessible, but under development)

Hello everyone.

I try to make MMORG projects on pure JS/WebGL + nodeJS, there a test result:

Project under development !!!, don`t try to build Castles, all your work could be lost.

Also, project works  on smart phones (but not with firefox for android, don`t know why) but no controls available, so, use PC.

With PC you with  (or w/o) your friends can browse unlimited (in POV of humans life)  2D map generated in minecraft style, place your blocks (buttons 0..9), scoll map (mouse), zoom in/out (mouse wheel),

At the moment nothing more =)


Server works 24/7, but hosted on Raspberry Pi3, not sure how many connections it`s can handle =), i`ll reboot it if noticed about problems.


PS. i have only 1hr per week to develop such projects, so all helps very appriciated

PSS. excuse me for my poor english

PSSS: Open Game Art assets used in this work, and will be credited correctly




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