StarLayer for 2D Shmup

StarLayer for 2D Shmup


I am making a game currently and I am using the art mostly from this site :-).

I have however, a layer made of stars, which moves in the background to make it look like the Ship is really flying through space. But it is barely visible and very subtile.

If you watch this video, you might see it in the background. Switch to 720p and fullscreen:


My Question is:
How can I improve the overall scene and esp. the star layer?

Incentive for good replies: The image made with your help will be submitted as public domain, like all of my, ehm, pictures. I wouldn't call it art xD.

The picture I am using right now, was simply made by adding HSV Noise to a transparent background.


Here is the picture with a black background added:


I did another approach with a particle emitter:

What do you think about that?