Maelstrom (classic Mac game) art?

Maelstrom (classic Mac game) art?

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The 1992 Mac game Maelstrom was really great, and in particular had amazing art.  And according to Wikipedia, all that (including art) was released under Creative Commons in 2010.

I've found the current source:

Also available on GitHub, e.g.:

But all the sprites were originally stored in the Mac resource fork (I think in 'cicn' resources, though I'm not 100% sure).  They're now in this binary file, still in the format of a Mac resource fork.  It seems the guy who did the original port to SDL just wrote C++ code to read this format directly, rather than extract the images into some more common format.

Still, that was 12 years ago.  Surely somebody has extracted these resources into a sprite sheet or separate little PNGs or something by now?  Perhaps my google-fu is too weak to find them.  Anyone know of where these resources can be found, short of re-hacking this extracted resource fork?