Autumn 2022 Art Challenge - First Person Shooter

Autumn 2022 Art Challenge - First Person Shooter

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Welcome to the Autumn 2022 art challenge. First Person Shooter is this seasons genre.

The challenge and voting starts 1st September 2022.

Votes are tallied 1st October 2022.

Submit your entries anytime...


ANY art that hasn't already been submitted to OGA qualifies for the challenge!


Tag your submissions with both an "FPS" and "2022" tag to be in the running...

Post a link to your upload in this thread or in the Discord Art Challenge Submission channel:

The submission with the most favourites by 1st October 2022 wins!


Prizes include a shiny new OGA medal for participants and the winner.

Also, appear a cut above the rest on the Discord server by gaining the following roles:


🥇 Art Boss (for the winner)

🥈 Art Contender (for all entrants)


Art used in the banner image:


The following is a guide on the art required to make a 3D texture based FPS in the same vein as classics like Doom etc. Good luck!


Game Design

2D/3D/2.5D first-person perspective.

Decide on a theme or setting for your game (military, sci-fi, horror, fantasy/medieval)



2D texture tiles that make up the environment (Floor, Ceiling, Walls, Steps/ladders, Platforms, Doors, Columns/room dividing elements).

Animated tiles e.g. Water/Fire hazards.

64x64px is a good tile size.


Heads-up display

Items held/collected (e.g. door keys), Player health/lives, Ammunition, Timer, Mini-map.

Player hit overlay e.g. screen flash, blood splatter.



Ammunition, Health, Door Keys, Weapons, Extra lives, Armour.


Player Weapons

First-person perspective (Melee, Ranged).

Core animations: Fire/swing/stab.

Secondary animations: Reload, Idle.

Empty hands/fists for punching.

3D models of hands holding weapons are extremely useful as they can be rendered and used as 2D sprites.



Destructables e.g. explosive barrels.

Core animations: Idle/undamaged, damaged/exploded.

Secondary animations: Explosion/"on fire" effects.

Switches/buttons/door locks.

Core animations: On/off.

Secondary animations: Destroyed.


Enemy types

Enemies can be ranged or melee and usually carry weapons that mirror what the player has access to (e.g. pistol, shotgun)

Facing, Side on, Rear facing.

Core animations: Move, Fire/swing/stab/strike, Hit/hurt, Dead.

Secondary animations: Idle, Taunt.

Enemy projectiles e.g. fireballs.


Concept art


Faux box/cartridge art.

Press kit (hi-res backgrounds, logos, cinematic screenshots, banner images).

For game page images, check out this size guide:



It can be any style or genre, e.g., orchestral, electronic, chiptune, etc. Mood is important.

Type 1 main menus, levels, or credits scenes are passionate, rousing, self-assured, boisterous, or rowdy.

Type 2 main menus, levels, or credits scenes are aggressive, fiery, tense, anxious, intense, volatile, visceral.

Game Over is literate, poignant, wistful, bittersweet, autumnal, or brooding.



Weapon fire/reload, Hit/hurt (e.g. heavy breathing, pain screams), Footsteps.


Weapon fire, Hit/hurt, Taunt/Player spotted, Death.

Explosions, Door open/close, Item collected (e.g. health, ammo)

Also, menu select, e.g. button pushes, navigation.


Prime examples of the genre for inspiration:


Wolfenstein 3D

Catacomb 3-D


Duke Nukem





Call of Duty


Here is a good fps game engine:


Special thanks to Ragnar Random for his input: