Under what license are OGA users?

Under what license are OGA users?

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Hi, using assets from OGA in your games is for amateurs, I want to go further and fill my game with OGA users too. And it won't be just random choices for no reason, instead every user will have a role which is somehow related to their position or contribution or their asset(s) used in my game. For example creator of weapon 3d meshes will be a blacksmith, while music creator is a bard obviously.

I'm making a tactical ARPG game, diablo clone with real time with pause party full control (although there're chances I'll remove ARPG part from the game and turn it into Icewind Dale clone instead with free camera and full party control even in real time), where player has a single settlement, which acts like a base in old X-COM game. Player can choose what to build, upgrade, invest, focus on in their settlement between successful infinite quests and also use this base as town in typical Diablo clone by resupplying in the middle of a quest.

I want to fill that town with OGA users instead of some random NPC names, and make some kind of references to forum posts or their works here on OGA:


MedicineStorm - local sheriff, scholar and powerful wizard, who keeps Bart - an ancient vampire locked in her basement - and researching possible vampire cure. Will provide research service, similar to researching in X-COM, which will unlock new services/buildings in the settlement. Will give quests related to research.

Bart - an ancient vampire locked in MedicineStorm's basement. Will provide respec service, drinking player's blood and making him/her forget everything, but regain all spent points. For a price, of course. Will also try to convince the player to help him and will give quests related to vampire artifacts and necromancy.

EmceeFlesher - can be an undead hunter paladin who tracked Bart to the settlement, and now believes that he must protect its people until MedicineStorm finds the cure. Or kill the vampire if he escapes. Will offer resurrection services for dead NPC party members and give undead hunting related quests. Or he can be an assassin sent by Bart's vampire clan to release him or even dispose of him, because they're afraid that he can reveal their location.




Wandering bards in a tavern will change among people, whos music is used in the game. May be after every quest a new random bard will replace old one in town, repeating this process infinitely.


There can be multiple shop owners working in shifts, so shopping can be done 24/7, while resting shop owners are sitting in a tavern, so you can meet all item mesh&texture creators in a settlement.


Every NPC will have a relation towards the player, which will improve or decrease upon completed or failed their quests or may be some other events. For example if settlement will be under attack from time to time, then NPCs, who died, will be resurrected in the end, but they won't be happy about it. This relation will affect services quality/price or quests max difficulty/reward.


Those are just examples, as nothing is done yet. I'm just curious if I need to ask everyone's permission one by one to use them in a game or their nicknames or first-names-only can be used without their approval? I understand that full name is obviously can't be used without permission, but what about usernames or first names only?