2D Sprite: Shadow Alien T-Rex Monster [images,animations,.scml,.psd]

2D Sprite: Shadow Alien T-Rex Monster [images,animations,.scml,.psd]

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Greetings everyone,

        This is a shadow, Alien, T-Rex looking thing I couldn't manage to fit into my project so I thought I'd share it. It's dimensions are about 0.250x0.250 in. I included all the projects and images files I have regarding this sprite. Being I'm not using it, the animations aren't "finished". Only one direction as well.

        Nonetheless, I've included the photoshop file, which contains all the indivudal body parts and head alterations (Happy/Angry). I've also included the Spriter project file, which I used to make walk and run animations. 

.psd = Photoshop (I think I used v5, saved in compatible.)

.scml = Spriter (Spriter is really finnacky with it project and file locations. I'd suggest leaving the image files in the orginial "en_str_mother folder".)

             If you end up using it, let me know. Glad to see what you made of it.

                       Cheers! <3


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