A-104 Cold Fusion Assault Rifle

A-104 Cold Fusion Assault Rifle

(Submitted by qubodup)
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Great gun I just saw on Blendswap!

The A-104 cold fusion Assault rifle is the workhorse of the USMC of 2122. Using cheap deuterium gas to power it’s fusion reactor it generates a 1.2 foot stream of plasma, every 0.16 seconds.

Included are a set of diffuse, specular, and normal maps all 1024×1024. All textures were hand made in blender and Photoshop. The model is only 5649 Polys, and great for use in a game!

For the textures I started by baking the AO twice. Once with Max distance set high (20+ blender units), and once with it set low. (<1 blender unit) then started adding detail in Photoshop. Then to add the scuffed edges I went into blender and texture painted them on the edges, saved out the painted-over image, and applied that to the texture as a different layer.

A-104 Cold Fusion Assault Rifle at Blendswap

a-104_rifle.blend a-104_rifle.blend 3.7 Mb [1282 download(s)]