Just thought I'd drop in to say thanks for all the fantastic game assets, and to show off a little something I put together using them.

All NPCs MUST DIE! ( ) is a simple action game, where the objective is rather self explanatory.  Your weapon mutates every time you pick up a silver box, breeding with the weapon that's contained within.  Live long enough to get the high score, then live long enough to beat that score the next time you play.

The game sits on the absolute bleeding edge of web technology, meaning that a) it only seems to run acceptably in Chrome and Firefox at the moment, and b) I've uncovered a number of bugs with the browsers themselves that I'll be filing soon enough with their respecitve makers (seriously).  Even so, it's still quite enjoyable when playing on Chrome.

Astute observers will note that pretty much all of the game assets, from the fonts to the sprites to the audio are sourced from OGA. Having these assets to get started with is pretty awesome, and a phenomenal boon to the indie dev scene.

Development on the core game took about 4 hours on a weekend to get the core engine up and running, and has been added to incrementally since then.  The game was written over the past 3 weeks, maybe.  I continue to add new stuff on a semi-regular basis.

Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to plug my non-OGA-sourced webgame, PseudoQuest ( ): a free-to-play old-school-style MMORPG.  That said, I'll be looking for areas where sound, artwork, and/or artists from OGA can be fit in to that project, too (the game's humor is... interesting, so finding good fits for art is tricky, but as budget permits I might be contacting some of the artists who have contributed to OGA whose work I like.)

Bugs, feature requests and such for All NPCs MUST DIE! are tracked over in the PseudoQuest forums, so give a shout out if you happen to stop by.