Allacrost: Large battle sprites (64x128 pixels)

Allacrost: Large battle sprites (64x128 pixels)

Joe Raucci (Sylon)
(Submitted by Roots)
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These sprites were created for Hero of Allacrost and represent two of the main characters in the game. Only one of these sprites was ever animated. The male sprite has an "idle" animation with 100ms timing between frames. I attached both the animated GIF and the PNG image will all frames seperated for your convenience.


At the time these were created, we were planning on developing seperate sets of sprites for map exploration and battle environments. This plan was eventually abandoned because it made the artwork requirements unnecessarily high. Thus, these sprites are currently without a home and are not being used in any project, including Allacrost. Sprites of this size probably are not practical for most games, but perhaps you'll find some way to utilize them. If you do use them, I'd be interested to know.


If I was in contact with the original creator I would request that these be put into the public domain, but I have no right to do so on my own. For now, however, these will be licensed under the GPLv2 as is all other Allacrost content. If I or someone gets in contact with the original artist and requests them to be put in the public domain, I'll be happy to change the license status of this content.

claudius_battle_sprite_animated.gif claudius_battle_sprite_animated.gif 17 Kb [1513 download(s)]
claudius_battle_sprite.png claudius_battle_sprite.png 13.1 Kb [1617 download(s)]
laila_battle_sprite.png laila_battle_sprite.png 5.4 Kb [1311 download(s)]