Used in Hero of Allacrost

Used in Hero of Allacrost


This collection contains content that is compatible for use in Hero of Allacrost ( Items may be:

  • Created by the Allacrost project directly and uploaded to to share
  • Already being used by Hero of Allacrost
  • Planned to be used by Hero of Allacrost in the future
  • Compatible with Hero of Allacrost media standards and may find use at a later time

Allacrost Content Standards:

  • All music is in Vorbis Ogg format
  • All sounds are in WAV format
  • Most images are PNG format. Large full-screen images are JPG format.
  • Map tiles are 32x32 pixels
  • Human-sized sprites are 32x64 pixels
  • Inventory icons are 60x60 pixels
  • Full-screen backdrop images are 1024x768

Other Information About Allacrost Content:


Collected Art: