2d Lost Garden Zelda style tiles resized to 32x32 with additions

2d Lost Garden Zelda style tiles resized to 32x32 with additions


Daniel Cook's tiles from http://www.lostgarden.com/2006/07/more-free-game-graphics.html resized to 32x32 pixels (with Jetrel's help).  I know that most games use 32 pixels as the standard size so I decided to try and make my favorite mountain tileset usable for most games.  I had to remove some variation tiles because of cross licensing and unknown authors.  So I've decided to create my own new variation tiles so we know who made them, me!  This is a way for me to improve my pixel skills :)

Jetrel took Dans art (40x40) and resized them to (32x32) for use in Hero Of Allacrost.  http://www.allacrost.org/

Bertram made a fork of Hero of Allacrost called 'Valyria Tear'.  http://valyriatear.blogspot.com/  He polished some pixels to make his game look better.

I noticed the tileability of Jetrel's work resizing wasn't matching up smooth so I made modifications trying to make it better.  It's still not perfect but it's alot better then it was.  I also made some variation tiles as well as the flower, fern, and bush.

Saphy's tall grass from http://opengameart.org/content/the-mana-worldforest-tileset looked so nice in this tileset I contacted her through The Mana World forums and got her permission to add it in this tile set.  http://forums.themanaworld.org/

We might use these tiles in this old school MUD style online RPG project I'm helping with called "Dusk".  Check it out and keep your eye on it's development.  It's similar to The Mana World.


Attribution Instructions: 
Credit goes to Daniel Cook's 2d Circle Graphic Archive, Jetrel's mockups resized 32x32, Bertram's improvements, Zabin's modification and additions, Saphy (TMW) tall grass and please provide a link back to OGA and this submission.
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