Art used in Dusk Graphical MUD

Art used in Dusk Graphical MUD


This is a collection of artwork that is used or might be used in Dusk (GMUD).  Some of the assets were organized and submitted to OGA by me (Zabin).

I've put together a demo game using these assets and using this neat old game engine called 'Dusk' created by Tom Weingarten back in year 2000.  Check out my demo game at my Dusk blog, link is above 'Dusk GMUD'.

A Java developer 'notzed' came across my blog about this neat old GMUD, played my demo game and has picked it up as a hobby :D  It's currently in active development so it's exciting times for this Dusk GMUD project.  Check out his development notes to see what he's upgraded on this old game already!

Here's where he made the source code available on his fork 'DuskZ'

Collected Art: