Leocephas (ff6-ish style RPG miniboss)

Leocephas (ff6-ish style RPG miniboss)


I was reading about the Roman Mysteries of Mithras (a cult centered around the god Mithras), and one of their major symbols was the Leontocephaline, a lion-headed man.  It seemed like exactly the sort of thing that Square would misappropriate and mangle for a monster and/or miniboss (in the tradition of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, but not quite as awesome).  Anyway, Leocephas is a general who serves (big) bad Mithras (forthcoming?) out of honest loyalty to the man who saved his people.  He is a competent leader, and a formidable warrior in his own right.  Or not.  It's your game.

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edit:  added an updated version.  The old version is included in the main file.

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