Camp Fire Animation for RPGs (finished)

Camp Fire Animation for RPGs (finished)


This is my second camp fire animation.  Second animation ever actually.  My first one was a quick attempt for the fire challenge.  It came out looking alright but I wasn't satisified with it.

I thought this one came out so good it deserved it's own submission instead of just slipping it into the old submission.

This uses the first 4 frames at 150ms

This uses all 5 frames at 150ms

Here's a new version.

Here's a newer version. (180ms)

The camp fire is based on Jetrel's camp fire here in this tileset.  I pixeled every flame burst and the only thing that Jetrel drew is what doesn't move in the animation.

I was motivated to make this camp fire animation for Bertram's game VT.  He said he was going to look into using my first fire animation so I figured I'd try to make a better one for his game.  It's nice seeing my art being put to good use :D

Root's is going to put this to good use in his game HOA also :)

If you use this in a game, please let me know- I like to know that my work is useful and love checking out other project's.


Attribution Instructions: 
Credit goes to Zabin and Jetrel from OGA
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