RPG Tiles: Cobble stone paths & town objects

RPG Tiles: Cobble stone paths & town objects


I've put together another tile-set 512x512 consisting of 256 tiles, this time based around CCBYSA assets available here on OGA.  This is my continued humble attempts to organize the assets available on OGA into usable tile-sets matching the excellent quality assets of Roots "Hero of Allacrost" and Bertram's "Valyria tear".  I'm making these assets to help those guys with their games and also to earn their respect if I re-use some of their assets in my "Dusk" game :-]  http://duskrpg.blogspot.com/

I waved my magic wand over some existing art and magically came up with this!  LOL!  Just kidding this took me plenty of hours to put together and have been putting this together slowly over the last month and it just happens to qualify for the challenge going on in OGA ATM :-]

I've finished Jetrel's cobble stone paths and made a couple of my own re-colorations of it.  You can see the paths he started working on in this tile-set I submitted- http://opengameart.org/content/2d-lost-garden-tileset-transition-to-jetr...

Here's a link to the public domain stuff I used out of Jetrel's RPG item set to decorate my market booths- http://opengameart.org/content/rpg-item-set

I basically re-colorized most of Daneeklu's LPC farming_fishing tile-set objects but also heavily edited the roofs on his market booths to match my 2 new booths.  Here's Daneeklu's LPC sumbission http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-farming-tilesets-magic-animations-and...

I took Redshrikes table here- http://opengameart.org/content/rpg-indoor-tileset-expansion-1  and combined it with Daneeklu's table shape in his farming_fishing tile-set, used my wood from my market booth to make it all match.

Bertram created the horizontal dock using pieces and inspiration from Daneeklu's vertical docks in his farming_fishing tile-set.  I made a re-coloration of Bertrams dock.

I made the new grass to water variation using bits and pieces of Hyptosis' grass/cliff/water variation availavle in tilesetbatch1 here- http://opengameart.org/content/lots-of-free-2d-tiles-and-sprites-by-hypt...

Everything in this tile-set is licensed CCBYSA 3.0 except Redshrike's table I got a boost from and Hyptosis' grass/cliff/water which is CCBY3.0  I've contacted both Redshrike and Hyptosis and got their "*good job!* and approval".

I also emailed Bertram and he's ok with me sumbitting his work here also.

Look at the "Artistinfo2.png" to see visually who did what.

Finally, I want to invite you guys to check out my blog :-]  I just added a couple video's of this old game I've talked about and linked to the scripts used in the video's.  Yeah it's old needs some polish but I think it has good potential.  If you can tolerate my slow typing to put my thought's out I think you'll enjoy seeing what could be another online RPG for everone to explore and PVP battle.  Sorry it's not on-line to play ATM-- http://duskrpg.blogspot.com/

Attribution Instructions: 
Credit goes to: Zabin, Daneeklu, Jetrel, Hyptosis, Redshrike, Bertram. A link back to this page "http://opengameart.org/content/rpg-tiles-cobble-stone-paths-town-objects to see who did what"
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