2d Lost Garden Zelda style tiles winter theme with additions

2d Lost Garden Zelda style tiles winter theme with additions


A further extension of "yd's" winter theme.


I'm trying to complete the Lost Garden Circle graphics tile-set collection by making additions to go with each theme.  A desert theme was made by Jetrel.  Yd took Jetrel's desert and made the first snow covered mountain based on Jetrel's desert. 

Now I'm working on making more additions for the winter tiles.  I plan to fill this tileset like my other set, so it's still WIP.

I've completed the mountain landscape, here's the link to it.


I hope we use these graphics in this game project I'm helping to revive from it's 10 year grave.  It's called "Dusk" and I would say it's similar to "The Mana World" because they are free, open-source, 2d Online MMORPG's in the style of the old-school 90's SNES, but Dusk is not as massive (much smaller) and was called a "Graphical MUD", coded in Java.  I remember playing Dusk back in 2000 and 150+ people would be on the game when it was really busy but normally there would be at least 10-30 players.  If your interested in this project check out the Dusk forums once a week for updates.  The developer should have the server up soon for testing.



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Daniel Cook, Jetrel, yd, and Zabin.
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