Lots of Hyptosis' tiles organized!

Lots of Hyptosis' tiles organized!


Over 1000 tiles of Hyptosis' art organized in 4 tilesets.

I figured I should organize these assets since I used them in the castle example screenshot here- http://opengameart.org/content/castle-tiles-for-rpgs

A couple people questioned if everything in that castle screen-shot was legally licensed so I thought I'd do this so they can see the assets better.  Before, everything was scattered around all over the place.  This is not a minor edit, it took me many hours to organize this and no I couldn't wave a magic wand to do this and save me those many hours :P  There is still more to orgainze so you'll have to wait on those.

Here's my submission of Hyptosis' art.  These tiles came from batch # 1-4


The screen-shot included above shows Hyptosis' house with Jetrel's wood tileset. 


Also Daniel Cooks pine tree.


It's a development screenshot of the game 'Dusk' I've been talking about for the last few months here on OGA.  A Java developer 'NotZed' came across my blog about this old game, played my demo and is now actively developing and upgrading the game :D  If your interested in watching a game being developed (who isn't) I suggest taking a look at his Dusk development blog.


I just recently updated my Dusk blog with this exciting Dusk developments.


I've recolorized a couple things and provided a couple new variations but why don't you just consider what I've done public domain.  The only person you have to give credit to here is Hyptosis.

Attribution Instructions: 
Hyptosis created everything, Zabin organized tiles, and the lamp fixture was created by Curt, Sharm, William.Thompsonj, & mold
trees.png trees.png 74.6 Kb [9199 download(s)]
trees_plants.png trees_plants.png 79.5 Kb [8486 download(s)]
trees_plants_rocks.png trees_plants_rocks.png 112.9 Kb [8538 download(s)]
town.png town.png 132.6 Kb [3318 download(s)]