RPG enemy basilisk (ff6-ish style)

RPG enemy basilisk (ff6-ish style)


Hello everyone.  Here's a quick piece which I doubt will fit into any larger collections I upload later, so I figured I'd just upload it alone.  When I first saw Blarumyrran's Basilisk: http://opengameart.org/content/heroesofmightandmagic2-style-basilisk , I remember thinking "hey, that looks great," followed shortly by "hey, that's almost in ff6 style."  And now I've finally gotten around to doing the conversion.  The sprite was a lot of fun to work with (especially the texture).

This version should fit with my other RPG enemy collection.

Credit should go to: Blarumyrran, Stephen Challener (Redshrike), and a link to this page on OpenGameArt should also be included.

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